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Keir’s film making career started in 2011, hauling cases through guano in a bat cave deep underground in Puerto Rico. Ouragan 3D (2015), for Orange and Universal, was his first project, and he went on to specialise in working in full Hurricane and Typhoon weather with a minimal team, capturing exquisite 3D images in extreme conditions, including full category 5. His camera credits include Conversations with Dolphins MC4 and Gedeon for France 5; Lost Worlds: Deeper into the Black Sea (2019) (Ghosts of the Black Sea) Discovery, Channel 4, Canal Plus and Curiosity Stream. His AC credits include This is football: Watching Messi for October Films (2018); Lost Treasures (2018) for Netflix, following the story of Damien Hirst’s extraordinary exhibition of the same name.


Keir is experienced in working and managing small field crews and has extensive experience of both DIT and post-production workflow support. He is highly adept at field support of both camera and sound gear. A sponsored freestyle kitesurfer - his great passion is filming in the wild and bringing cinematic visual storytelling to both sport and nature.


Technical Director

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