TV SERIES (2 X 59 minutes)


Four years in the making, this two-part television series follows the world’s largest Maritime Archaeological Expedition in exploring how the Black Sea formed after the last ice age. Could it have been the origin of Noah’s flood?


Led by charismatic chief scientist Jon Adams, the team send space aged remote survey vehicles 2 kilometres underwater to scan the seabed. In seeking geological clues, they quickly make remarkable finds: over 70 shipwrecks almost perfectly preserved in the chilly, oxygen-depleted water of this near landlocked sea. The films reveal extraordinary ships from the Ottoman, Byzantine, Roman and Greek civilisations.



They include discoveries that are unique worldwide: the most perfectly preserved Roman vessel ever and the only preserved Greek warship known. The series witnesses the highs and lows of the handpicked international team of world-class scientists, on their remarkable journey into the past. Their adventures at sea include extreme dives to depths of 100m, tense recovery operations struggling to salvage amphora from Roman ships and costly equipment failures that threaten their entire operation.




Status: Completed (Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Channel 4, SBS)

Website: www.blackseafilms.com/lostworlds.aspx

Exec-producers & Co-directors: David Belton & Andy Byatt

A Black Sea Films Production
Filming equipment & support: Amberjack Films


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