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Director, Series

John Jackson is a director and cinematographer who completed his film studies at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbar CA, where he was recruited by Jaques-Yves Cousteau "Captain Planet". On numerous expeditions with Cousteau, he became the team's resident cinematographer, developing over twenty-five films over twelve years. It was here that his passion for the seas blossomed.


In 1992, Cousteau took an active role in the Earth Summit in Rio. John was with him during his discussions and appointments with the great leaders of the day - Bush Sr, François Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl and many others. Here John realised that films could influence the decisions of the world's great leaders and help preserve the oceans.


After Cousteau's death, he worked regularly as a director and cinematographer for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and the primary French channels, directing scientific, biological, historical, adventure and conservation films. Along with Stéphane Millière of Gédéon Programmes, John was pivotal in the production of ARTE's large-scale archaeological films in "L'aventure humaine".


In 2014, John partnered with Andy Byatt and co-directed the series "Ouragans" 3 x 52' in 3D for ARTE-France, Discovery Channel and 3Net. With this series, John returned to his first love, the sea and oceans. This evolved into a long-term partnership, as John collaborated on many Amberjack projects before officially joining the team in 2020. 


John and Jérôme Julienne, another former Cousteau team member and friend, made a series of films, including "Conversation avec les Dauphins" for France 3 (Thalassa), CBC Nature of Things. The duo continued the work they began with Cousteau, in a series of films produced in collaboration with ARTE G.E.I.E. (the mini-series "Cuba, un paradis en sursis", "Les superprédateurs des mers" and "Les Sentinelles de la Grand barrière de corail").


After Jérôme Julienne's passing, John and Alexis Rosenfeld co-founded 1Ocean, an innovative initiative and foundation backed by UNESCO and under the aegis of the CNRS. He participates in the development of project strategy and is responsible for the production of broadcast programs. Its aim remains to amaze the public and governments alike, in keeping with Commandant Cousteau's motto:


"The sea, once it has cast its spell, holds us forever in its net of wonder. We love what we marvel at, and we protect what we love"


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