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alice geary


In order for people to care about saving the planet, they need to fall in love with it first”. Natural History documentaries have inspired Alice from a very young age; aiding her understanding of the power that they have in shaping the minds of future generations. Following her passion for Natural History she graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Zoology. During her time at university she won the University of Bristol Undergraduate Photography Award, in addition to The How People Videography Award. She also became Producer for the universities Wildlife Film Society, through which she gained vital experience in producing, researching, directing, crewing, financing and storyboarding. Her society film, ‘The Murmuration’ then went on to be shortlisted for the Bristol Science Film Festival. In this time Alice also travelled to Amazonian, Peru to work as a research assistant. Here, she spent her time on the ‘Rio Amazonas’, a small boat found on the Amazon river. This acted as her base camp from which she carried out biodiversity surveys to add to the regions long-term conservation data. Since finishing university, she has gained experience working as a researcher for companies such as Off The Fence, Oak Island Films, Spider Movies and Go Forth Films.
Alice has always had a strong passion for music, enabling her to recognise the importance of sound and musical design within storytelling. Therefore, Alice’s mix of scientific knowledge and creativity allows her to find new and fascinating stories to engage and excite Amberjacks audiences. Her ultimate goal and drive for working within this industry is to inspire change within the public and to ultimately help protect our planet.

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