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The story of Regina Domingo, a compassionate young woman from Barcelona, who journeys to distant Cocos Island to explore her love of diving. She quickly sees that all is not well in

paradise: deep inside a World Heritage National Park shark are being killed in their thousands, dying alongside many other species on longlines hundreds of metres long.


She starts a not-for-profit, the Nakawe Project, to help her fight for the future of endangered sharks. Realising that corporate interests and government corruption are obstructing her efforts, she heads to CITES seeking to add new species to the protected lists. Her battle takes her head to head with international vested interests, including Japanese fishing cartels. She learns that between 100 million to 270 million sharks are killed by humans each year. Appalled, she questions how we can conserve life on planet earth. Her ongoing efforts lead her to use social media to inspire a new generation of conservationists, at the same time as embracing the grassroots fishing communities that have so relentlessly targeted sharks for profit, to help them find a new future.

Discovering that the shark meat they drag from the sea has dangerously high levels of Mercury, she reveals that this is not just a fight for sharks, it is also a fight for human health.

In her journey across oceans and cultures, she discovers why the ongoing abuse of our oceans was a closely guarded secret until now. Can she finally help to turn the tide to meaningfully protect both the oceans and people, in the 21st century?

Status: Feature Documentary In Production, New Fund for TV and Cinema

Collaborators: Directors Roy Kimhi, Ze’ev Girsch, Regina Domingo 

Producers: Yonatan Nir, Andy Byatt




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