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Jackson Wild 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

A few weeks ago, the Jackson Wild Summit 2020 took place. But this year, it was a little bit different…

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic the summit was unable to use its regular format and, for those of us located around the world, we were grounded – unable to descend upon the lodge and soak in the epic vista of the Grand Tetons. But that didn’t stop the Jackson Wild Summit. Using an innovative digital format Jackson transported itself into the living rooms and offices of our teammates and all the delegates from around the world.

Here at Amberjack, we had an amazing time; watching the nominated films, attending the pre-recorded seminars, and hopping from table to table in the Jackson Wild Summit lobby, meeting incredibly diverse and passionate filmmakers.

Our CEO Andy Byatt also had the opportunity to take part in the Jackson Action Coalition panel on Elevating Global Voices and Local Stories:

“Great to be involved in such an inspiring event. Big shout out to Jacqueline Farmer and Brooke Runnette for running the panel and to all the speakers for sharing their heartfelt and important perspectives. I was delighted to help on a discussion table that was visited by film makers from around the world. We are working hard to create real opportunities in response to the wishes of all the attendees. It is so important to bring in new approaches to storytelling, embracing the point of view of the people who actually live in the countries that wildlife film makers have routinely visited from elsewhere on the planet. Not least, it is overdue time to start to improve our carbon footprint by working with locally based film talents and giving back to their communities. And we have so much to learn by sharing different cultural viewpoints. I am also excited to be continuing to support the Jackson mentorship program, which allows Amberjack to help new film makers in a genuine sense. There are some truly inspirational young people out there. I pledge to keep those conversations going. Watch this space, there’s some interesting developments in the pipeline. Well done Jackson Wild – you are really making a difference.”

- The epic vista of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming-

A huge congratulations to all the nominees and winners at the film festival. It was a truly vivid array of topics and approaches that all highlighted the wonder of the natural world, humanities’ integral relationship with it, and the pressing need to explore ways in which we can better protect our incredible planet and all who call it home. Utterly inspiring.

Whilst we all stay at home protecting our neighbours, families and communities we were given the opportunity to share a forum with people, around the world, specialising in a variety of different disciplines; storytellers, filmmakers, conservationists, and scientists. All sharing the ideal of protecting planet earth. We are so grateful to be a part of this global community. A huge thank you to the Jackson Wild Summit team. And we can’t wait to return, whether digitally or in person, in 2021!

This week, the Amberjack team will be jumping online again and attending the Wildscreen digital festival. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Stay tuned for more exciting news soon.


The Amberjack Team

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