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Whether aerial, topside or underwater, our partners and technical teams are second to none in providing world class image and sound.


Fully equipped with 8K resolution cameras and Angenieux lenses, Amberjack is committed to delivering the highest quality images that are practical from the field.  We have been working in 4K for five years - future proofing our imagery and have now moved to an 8K workflow.


We believe in the power of sound, placing great importance on exceptional quality recordings.  We carry our own high end recording equipment and microphones on all shoots.


We have developed a super-efficient field workflow, operating around fast data backups and in field editing.  We believe in being light footed, fast and high quality.


We have 7 years’ experience of working in 3D and are committing to 360 storytelling on our main production projects, whether Amberjack or co-production.

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