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Amberjack Films has been investing in the powerful new audience experiences and creative scope that VR and AR, in their various guises, offer the filmmaker and creative artist. We are teaming up with visionary VR innovators, Marshmallow Laser Feast, to develop an interactive 360 virtual experience with integrated 2D film content.


The project has a strong environmental purpose and will be released with the participation of carefully selected NGOs. We are committed to making meaningful improvement to habitat biodiversity through a new approach to conservation storytelling.



Marshmallow Laser Feast:


Status: Pre-production.
Collaborators: Marshmallow Laser Feast.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners: Christian Ziegler, Bruno D’Amicis.



Amberjack was set up by passionate and determined people with one purpose: to open eyes and connect minds through story, sound and image.

We make films with real narratives about people, science, nature and adventure, all with a common goal: to see more clearly our relationships with the earth. We create enthralling audience experiences, with factual and immersive stories to emotionally engage viewers with their world.

Conservation is central to Amberjacks’ ideals. Our audiences seek to uncover and explore the truths about our extraordinary Planet Earth. As the environment finds itself under ever greater pressure, we seek to bring relevant stories to our viewers. We entertain while offering an optimistic perspective on the vital, topical challenges we all face. At Amberjack, we feel this should be a fundamental responsibility for our industry.

We look to use the media in all formats to help engage our audience to make positive changes, both personally and globally, should they so choose.

Key to our work are international collaborations: we believe storytelling craft and professionalism grows through contact with filmmakers with different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Embracing a 21st century approach of multi-format media production, we specialise in innovative media forms for all screens in 2D, 3D, UHD, 8K, 360, and IMAX.

We reveal life through filmmaking of the highest calibre.



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As a cutting-edge production company we are passionate about the gear we use to capture world class image and sound. We have invested heavily, building an exceptional streamlined roster of equipment for filming in a wide range of formats, genres and environments, worldwide.

Amberjack is advised by industry experts to keep our finger on the pulse of emerging media technology and equipment. We work hard to design perfect gear packages for both ourselves and our co-productions. We tailor to the needs and means of each production. Our teams are efficient, adaptable and secure in the knowledge that everything they capture will be of the highest quality, backed up cost effectively and stored securely. Wherever we can we bring that little creative extra into what we do, whether that’s grip, lighting, camera or sound.


To discover more about our technical side, read more here...

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